Company - Solis Plant is a pot plant nursery in 's-Gravenzande, in the municipal area of Westland. The company exists since 2008, but our roots go further back in horticulture. At Solis Plant, we mostly concentrate on the cultivation of pot and garden plants, especially Kalanchoe.

Solis Plant

Solis Plant

Solis Plant

Solis Plant

Solis Plant

A family business with innovative roots

Solis Plant is a pot plant nursery in ‘s-Gravenzande, in the municipal area of Westland. The company exists since 2008, but our roots go further back in horticulture. At Solis Plant, we mostly concentrate on the cultivation of pot and garden plants, especially Kalanchoe.


We are constantly looking for innovation. We have therefore selected varieties that enhance the existing range of floriculture assortment. But, we also look closely at the presentation of the product. We have our own brand in the market with Le Chic Blooming jewels . That gives our products an even more distinctive character.


Uniform quality

Our company has an area of 2.5 hectares, equipped with the most modern techniques and equipment. They enable us to cultivate top products of uniform quality. This takes place year-round, thanks to the lighting installation. A lot of work is automated. Management is executed by Gerrit and René van Dop. They are assisted on a daily basis by a team of 20 experienced and enthusiastic employees. After all, despite all the advanced equipment and systems, cultivating a quality product still requires a green thumb. The green thumb of Solis Plant!


Solis Plant stems from the former paprika nursery of Gerrit van Dop. He cultivated paprikas in Naaldwijk for years. When his son René joined the company in 2008, the two of them oriented themselves to another type of cultivation. The paprika cultivation offers few opportunities for companies to differentiate themselves.


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That is why pot plant horticulture was opted for, especially the Kalanchoe. The company in Naaldwijk was sold to a neighbour. Gerrit and René van Dop found a lot at the edge of the Heenweg that met the requirement perfectly: 2,5 hectares, with another 2 hectares of expansion possibilities at the Laan van de Heilige Lambertus, a short distance from theFloraHolland flower auction. Solis Plant became a fact in 2008. As a first step, the company switched to the cultivation of Kalanchoe. Solis Plant did not want to deliver more of the same thing, but wanted to distinguished itself by added value.


Modern techniques

Significant investments were consequently made in modern cultivation techniques, such as lighting and a second layer of cultivation and efficient delivery systems. As many as 100,000 Kalanchoes are delivered per week. Solis Plant also invests in the product itself. The choice falls on a relatively new
variety: Rosalina, a double flowered Kalanchoe. Because of that, Solis Plant acquired its own identity in the market very quickly.


This notoriety received more momentum in 2013. Solis Plant then launched ‘Le Chic Blooming jewels’. Only the highest quality goes to supermarkets under that name.


Solis Plant wants to surprise people with beautiful, attractive plants with the brand “Le Chic” Blooming jewels of high quality with a striking, contemporary packaging. 


To develop the brand “Le Chic”Blooming jewels  with the products by working together with customers and partners in an enthusiastic and innovative way so that a large part of the garden centres will include the brand in their product range. Customers can count on a quick service and many possibilities. 

Core values
  • Surprise
  • Progressive
  • Quality
  • Cooperation
  • Service and fast delivery

Rene van Dop
General Director

Gerrit van Dop
Executive Board, Cultivation

Ilone Zwinkels
Marketing & Communication

Elles van Dop
Administration, P&O

Loek Ammerlaan
Sales, Transport
Solis Plant Publications
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Tuinder zijn is nog leuker dan ik dacht.
Zonneschijn in crisistijd.
Maatwerk in de kas. In de schuur en in de markt. Open dag 2009

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Solis Plant is active at the following exhibitions.

Solis Plant


Solis Plant Kalender
Beurs Datum
FH Autumn Fair Naaldwijk 13-14 September
 Flowers Expo Moscow  12-14 September
 FH Trade Fair Aalsmeer  8-10 November



Environmentally responsible cultivation: no more than self-evident.

As a floriculture company, we accept our responsibility with regards to the environment. Not only because future generations expect us to leave behind a liveable planet. Also because consumers nowadays also expect from floriculturists that flowers and plants have a durable accent.

Green Label greenhouse

Solis Plant cultivates in a greenhouse that has a Green Label certificate. Green Label is a label for types of greenhouses that are demonstrably less harmful to the environment. Amongst others, by using less energy, less nourishment products and less pesticides. The certificate is highly regarded in horticulture and is managed by SGS.


Generate its own energy

We can save even more energy by generating a part of our energy ourselves. In order to do this, we make use of a CHP, a Combined Heat/Power Connection. This own installation does not only supply the heating for the crop, but also the electricity for the lighting. If any electricity is left over, we deliver it back to the grid.

Re-use CO2

We also actively participate in ‘recycling’ of CO2: this important growth substance for our pot plants comes from OCAP, a residual product of Shell Pernis that is transported via pipelines to the Westland.

Certification according to MPS-A and MPS-GAP

We indicate our sustained focus with two other quality labels: MPS-A and MPS-GAP. The A quality label is the highest acquirable within the known MPS certification scheme for greenhouse horticulture. MPS-GAP is a similar certification, but focuses on the requirements that supermarkets make on floriculture products.

Solis Milieu
Milieuverantwoord telen, niet meer dan vanzelfsprekend
Solis Milieu
Groen Label kas
Solis Milieu
Eigen energie opwekken
Solis Milieu
CO2 hergebruiken
Solis Milieu
Certificering volgens MPS-A en MPS-GAP


Assortment - Delivering quality under the most modern conditions.

Solis Plant cultivates potted plants: Kalanchoe. They are cultivated one by one under the most modern conditions, making use of a lot of automation. Not only during cultivation, but also in the logistic finalization. Thanks to the deployment of lighting (6000 lux with lamps of 1.000 watts), we are able to deliver all year round. This occurs on a large scale.

Efficiency in delivery
Solis Plant operates with an efficient delivery system that also guarantees our flexibility when it comes to large orders. As a result, we can deliver far-reaching customization and comply with each order. The majority of our plants make their way to supermarkets across Europe via clock distribution and mediation agencies.

We are very flexible at Solis Plant when it comes to packaging possibilities. There are various types of packaging available. We also take your wishes into account when it comes to the cover. Your own cover, our standard cover or a blank version? Our products are ideal to give away. You will thus find various attractive gift packaging at Solis Plant. For example, packed in a basket. Or , combined with a ceramic pot. And, if you choose the Le Chic Blooming jewels  label? Then the plants are packed in the matching Le Chic Blooming jewels  cover!

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  • Kalanchoe

Le Chic Blooming Jewels

Le Chic Blooming Jewels, meer exclusiviteit past er niet in een plant

Le Chic Blooming Jewels - Le Chic Blooming jewels , you cannot get more exclusivity in a plant

Logo Le Chic

Solis Plant




Are you looking for pot plants to make your own assortment more distinctive? Pleased to meet you, Le Chic Blooming jewels. It is the top line of Solis Plant. Our own brand, reserved exclusively for pot plants that meet the highest quality standards.


Kalanchoe, are all available with the Le Chic Blooming jewels  brand. It is a brand that responds to the needs of the consumer who is looking for innovation. Plants with Le Chic Blooming jewels  brand stand out on the shelf. Due to the excellent quality, the lavish blooms, the eye-catching presentation.

Le Chic

Solis Plant

Solis Plant

Solis Plant


You undoubtedly know the Bougainvillea as a cheerful, flowering garden plant in southern countries. The plant comes from the South American plateau. It is a plant that has also become known in Europe since the second half of the eighteenth century. Since then, hundreds of varieties have been developed. The Bougainvillea that Solis Plant cultivates is a very special one. A Bougainvillea is normally supplied in a pot with a stem. After years of enhancement, cultivators have managed to develop a very compact variety. One that flourishes just as exuberantly, but has a very unusual shape!


Maintenance is simple: a light, warm place is sufficient, even in the sun. But, it does like a lot of water. Remember to water it once a day in the summer. Add a little bit of plant nutrition weekly.


Veel plezier van uw Kalanchoë, Bougainvillea of Hortensia!


Maintenance - Have fun with your Kalanchoe. Have you bought a Kalanchoë from Solis Plant? Then you are going to experience sunny periods. All our plants are known to thrive for a long time:the Kalanchoë inside the house. We invest additionally in quality at Solis Plant. We do this under the most modern growing conditions and by using the latest techniques. We can thus cultivatemore beautiful plants that keep their flowerslonger. So that you can enjoy them even more!

  • Water: water once a week in summer, water every fourteen days in winter;
    Plant nutrition: add a dash to the irrigation water every 2 to 3 weeks;
  • Temperature: room temperature is ideal, but the Kalanchoe will also do well in temperatures between 12° C and 25° C;
  • Dead flowers: do not remove them for good, continuous flowering, you avoid damage to new buds this way;
  • Placement:preferably in place with light. The Kalanchoe also does well in a full sun;
  • Consumption: The Kalanchoe is a decorative plant and is not edible.
  • Frost: as soon as the frost is over, the Kalanchoe can be placed outside on the terrace, the balcony, in the garden and on the patio.

Put it in a large pot or container with other Kalanchoes somewhere in the conservatory, on the terrace or in the garden. Preferably in aplace where there is light. Kalanchoe thrives even in bright sunlight. It blooms even richer and more exuberantly outside than inside. And it does not need a lot of water: moderately moist soil is perfect. A dash of plant nutrition monthly is adequate and the dead flowers do not need to be removed. Take the plants inside before the first frost starts.

Then pure enjoyment just continues!



Contact - Would you like to know more about Solis Plant and our products? We will gladly help you. You can reach us in several ways. You can also contact one of our team members directly via:

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